Saturday, 6 April 2013

Is Agent Jadoo still there or was it just a Hoax?

It was not long ago that a new software for monitoring illegal distribution of Malayalam movies through the world wide web made into the news. But since the initial controversies, "Agent Jadoo" has entered into a state of "hibernation" and has not been in news lately. The software which claimed to be capable of detecting the download of files which have been uploaded illegally into torrent websites was a Government of Kerala undertaking to contain movie piracy.

Google's monopoly in search engine world on the edge ?

The titan of the IT world, Google has it's name in synonym with the word "search" since the beginning of the 21st century. People say "google it" rather than "search the internet". That much is the monopoly Google possess over the internet and the users. But with the advent of the mobile computing era, it is evident that google will definitely have to re-adjust it's strategies if they wanna hold onto their monopoly.

Microsoft gives up on Office for Mac 2008 - no more support

Microsoft has said that it will not be providing any support or security updates for the Office suite for Mac from April 9 onwards. The decision only stand valid for the Mac users, while the Windows users will continue getting support twice as long. The support for Office in Mac was designed for 5 years and for windows users it was 10 years. Now that the Office 2008 for Mac has passed the 5 year period, they will not be receiving any future updates. They can still use it to create or edit documents however.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Anonymous launches DDoS on North Korean Pages

The hacker's community Anonymous claims to have been hacking and vandalizing many social networking profiles linked to North Korea. Several warnings were also issued by the group to the North Korean government following the rise in the country's threats of war. N. Korean news site "uriminzokkiri" has been forced offline and some of the twitter and flicker accounts have been breached, according to anonymous.

Facebook releases its home environment in Android - takes facebook direct to the home!

The social network facebook has announced that it will be releasing a new software for Android powered devices, which will put feeds from the user's account directly on the home screens. Although not an operating system, it will act as a wrapper for the android OS and will make it simpler for people to use their phone and Facebook account together.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Microsoft gearing up for the release of Windows 8.1

Microsoft has announced that the next Operating system that they would be releasing will be called Windows  8.1, which had been codenamed Windows Blue before. They have made it clear that the new OS will not be a Windows 9, but Windows 8.x series. We think this might be because microsoft had earlier said that they expect windows 8 to be a multi season product, so it makes sense when they dont take the windows 8 label from their new product!